CP: 18

SP: 3

5 blocks incense (15 gp/5 gp ea)

Gold ring (25 gp)

1 Silver Pendant in the shape of a unicorn head, representing Mielikki, Goddess of forests, forest creatures, rangers, dryads, autumn (25 gp)

Box of Three Dragon Ante Playing Cards



GP: 106

PP: 4

Gems: 5 @ 100 gp – 2 of these gems were slipped into Thane's pouch.  For safe keeping.

gold holy symbol of asmodeus (75gp)

healers kit

potion of healing

herbalism kit

vial of antitoxin

3 vials of perfume (5gp each)

stuffed blood hawk

copper flagon emblazoned with the visage of a grinning halfling (1 gp)

silver locket shaped like a fish – rosey cheeked male halfling picture inside

gold ring – with zhent symbol

empty potion bottle

2 messages in common, one says come, other says on their way

Dripping Caves

cp: 187

sp: 75

gp: 25

matching pair of silver salt and pepper shakers worth 10 gp each or 25 gp for the pair.

bloodstained leather case w/ a complete set of thieves' tools

holy symbol of Silvanus carved of wood and inlaid with gold worth 25 gp 

Tome of Leadership and Influence.



2000 copper pieces in a sack – 400 per
600 silver pieces – 120 per
400 gold pieces – 80 per
1 giant-sized Waterskin
1 Mangy fur pelt
6 dragon scales (Red)
1 Rod – 4' long, 100lb, made of adamantine, 2 prongs, and molded grip, 10 charges to cast locate objects.  When used to find Adamantine objects it can scan up to 10 miles.
1 Necklace of Prayer Beads – Bead of Smiting, Favor, 2 Beads of Curing(Cleric, Druid or Paladin, must have Atunement to it)
+2 Weapon(Pavel Won)
Gauntlets of Ogre Power – Grants increase in strength


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