The Fellowship of Flint and Steel

Discovered: Chronicles of a Halfling Thief, Pt. 2

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Welcome to Zephyros's Tower.  A Cloud Giant we ran into in a floating castle with a tower.  He floats and bounces, he doesn't lumber like the others.  And he's magical.  Whoa!  And he put me in a floating chair!  

Then the vultures came.  They flew in bearing 9 thin, lightly armored figures.  I suspect cultists.  I mean, who else would be flying on mangy birds like these, huh?  They sought out the Giant to ask for his help in completing their mission.  They come offering pixie dust to the wizard for assistance bringing Yan-C-Bin to be brought back into the world.  My eyes go wide…Yan-C-Bin.  I've heard this name before, the Prince of Evil Air.  We launch into an attack.  They stood no chance.  Even with an invisible, something.  I managed to kill it and received their pixie dust pouch.  I might have to keep this for myself.

Possibly the funniest thing I've ever experience is listening to dwarves during their greeting roll off name, family name, greeting, honor and history to other dwarves.  I think I laughed myself blue in the face before I tried to convince Queen Dagnabbet's strike team into not attacking.  They were determined to fight with the silver dragon that carried them here, and Pavel stepped forth, with my aid as a convincing negotiator to stay their hands.   Safe to say the dwarves and the dragon, probably the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen turned and left without any fuss.  All this, and we're probably about a third of the way to our destination.  


I will not dispute the fact that a terrible battle was avoided that day, and neither will I deny that Dwarven greetings can be rather humorous and drawn out, but I do question the Halfling’s estimation of the weight of his words in the actual conversation. Imho.

Grelic Daerr
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