The Fellowship of Flint and Steel

Discovered: Chronicles of a Halfling Thief

After reading through the detailed records of my long lost relative, the famous kobold slayer Milo Needleknot I have come to the conclusion I am going to follow, seriously in his footsteps.  Milo was a daring swashbuckler who set sail and headed out to sea with his friends to find a new land to see and enjoy the rest of his life.  Maybe someday I will get to head out to sea and search for new land as well.  For now, Watersdeep and surrounding areas will be my playground.

He said in one log after fighting off a giant and stealing a flying castle he was done adventuring, but wanted to see other places.  Doesn't sound much like a retirement to me.  

So my tale began in Watersdeep when we hear about a lady, Lady Velrosa Nandar and a goblin problem.  Listening to the dwarf he, spiritual and holy dwarf we would kill this lady in her keep.  Not fun.  And he's not funny, lemme tell you. 

So, we start out and wind up at a castle with some god-awful bell ringing repeatedly.  Who could have guessed I had an affinity for killing goblins?!  With a flash of my blade two goblins dropped almost instantly.  The second could not even scream at the sight of his companion dropping.  After, I shot another goblin in the eye with an arrow at 300 yards.  Yeah, impressive!  

After killing a host of goblins I was lingering near a battered house and I heard a faint cry.  I dug through the rubble and found a Tressym.  A winged cat named Rillix with a broken wing.  The ranger tried and succeeded in healing the wing, and Rillix seems to understand me, shame I can't say the same for me from him.  Speaking to the  guards in the Keep we find the lady Nandar is dead, her guards say she was one of the first, but there was a flying castle and giants took a "Knightstone" from the courtyard.  Let our adventure, mine and my new friend Rillix's begin.Rillix's begin.


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