The Fellowship of Flint and Steel

In the Beginning

Greylic Daerr of the Clan Rockseeker is not sure how he came to watch over this disparate group of would be adventurers. He was a soldier in Mintar until the death of one to many friends turned him away from that life and to the priesthood. He took to wandering for a number of years before semi-settling around the sword mountains in the vicinity of Waterdeep for the past 20 years or so. It was there where he met these would be heroes listening to tales of his wanderings, and it was probably his tales, some true and some stretched a bit that fired the imaginations of their young minds. It was because of this Greylic saw that they would not be dissuaded from their path and undertook to teach them the basics of combat and what he knew it of wildlands to keep them from meeting a quick death. The group quickly outgrew Greylic’s teaching and when they were of age some of the group left to explore their own path’s, but they vowed to reunite after 5 years.

Generik the tall stout human lad who dreamed of knights and noble fighters. He was the first to set out on his own, heading for the Dalelands to see the Purple Dragons knights. He would along the way meet the legendary Dove Falconhand and end up joining the fabled Knights of Myth Drannor. He has spent the past few years riding the trails and roads protecting the innocent from those who would seek to take and own by force.

Nausus quiet and shy even among those he considers his friends was the next to leave headed for the wildlands where his tiefling nature wouldn’t draw stares, curses, stones thrown his way or worse. Among the creatures of the wild he would find his calling as a ranger protecting those who are unable to protect themselves, even as he is shunned by those same folk who curse him.

Pavel would follow Nasus to seek understanding of his gifts.

After most of his “wards” had taken off to explore the wider world. Greylic, who had been putting off traveling found he could no longer resist the itch and took a job to escort a wagon to Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin. The job was offered by his cousin Gundren who left with a warrior Sildar Hallwinter a week in advance with the assurances that they would meet in Phandalin and that he had great news to impart when they next saw each other.

Of the companions left, Greylic took with him the halfling Thane Pennyforge, who hopes to surpass his rival and for the moment more famous cousin, Milo Needleknot, and Aramil the elven wizard that Greylic sometimes relied on for knowledge of matters arcane. Aramil has decided his apprenticeship with his master is at an end and he needs some practical field experience and has decided to accompany the two on their journey to Phandalin. Also accompanying them were a pair of sellswords as additional muscle.

The journey to Phandalin was not without event, along the way they would encounter a goblin ambush, which in turn led them to discovering Gundren and Sildar had been ambushed in the very same spot. They made quick work of the goblins and found that Gundren and Sildar had been drug away to the goblin lair of Cragmaw. They were able to rescue Sildar, who in his day was a famed member of the griffion cavalry of Waterdeep, and who is now a member of the Lord’s Alliance. He was accompanying Gundren to locate a missing agent of the Lord’s Alliance, the wizard Iarno Albrek, who was sent by the Lord’s Alliance to assess the situation in Phandalin. Sildar was also to assist Gundren in reopening the Wave Echo Cave Mine which had been lost for centuries until the Rockseeker brothers discovered it.

Events drug the group into a nest of trouble brewing in and around Phandalin. The missing wizard wasn’t really missing he disappeared himself and came back a wizard called Glasstaff. He was running a gang of thugs called the Redbrands who were attempting to take over the village of Phandalin. The group managed to route the gang and in return the town, now being run by Sildar after the previous mayor was found to be a stooge for the gang, gave the gang’s hideout, the ruined Tresendar Manor, to Greylic to establish a fledgling church.




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